Cake Flour

Well, I really love baking. To me, walking by a bakery window is comparable to a gallery hop for the artsy fartsies. I'll crane my neck while assessing the dessert case, sometimes breathing the words, "What are they trying to pull with that coconut flake snowman?" or "Ohhh, marzipan!"

And as much as I love gawking at Kroger's bizarre and ever changing pull-apart cupcake creations, sometimes it is nice to see simple, beautiful desserts, free of fluorescent food coloring or plastic Sponge Bob decorations. Those are the sweets I am interested in eating.

This weekend Kurt and I visited the newish bakery in town, Cake Flour, on Market Street. Everything looked incredible, but even more impressive - all of the ingredients are natural, organic and if possible, locally produced. I'm not talking crude-yet-delicious, hippie store type shiz either. Everything looks heavenly, almost too pretty for eating. Almost.

(Photo from Cakeflouronmarket.com.)

We both had cupcakes. I had the caramel, he the Italian cream. I swooned when I noticed the tiny, crystal clear pearls of sugar that topped the cupcake's liberal swirl of frosting. I swear, if I knew the guy at the counter wouldn't think I was a weirdo, I would have stood there admiring the desserts for hours.

You should go.


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