Soft Pretzels, Beer Cheese & Ginger Ale

It would be hard to find many processed foods in our weekly grocery cart, aside from my beloved Wasa crackers. I would like to say it is because I'm very mindful of my health and diet (sure, I guess) but honestly, I must credit my healthy shopping to an ongoing obsession with making everything myself. I love to cook, I love to eat, and raw ingredients taste better. Annnd! It is therapeutic. Witnessing the transformation of fruits and flours into a lovely pie is very satisfying. For a while, I have complete control. With practice, I can follow my whims and turn food into something tasty and beautiful.

In the last few months I've made candied citrus peel, rolled out my own tortillas and recycled vegetable scraps into soup stock. I'm collecting rejected bread heels in the freezer to make my own breadcrumbs, and we're growing alfalfa sprouts in a jar in the cabinet. It's a pretty good time.

But just because I cook with whole foods, does not mean I don't sometimes turn them into junk foods. Over the weekend, I made soft pretzels and fresh ginger ale. To accommodate, Kurt made Richo's beer cheese. Certainly, we know how to party.

Kurt at Pretzel Mountain.

Soft Pretzels and Beer Cheese

Psst! Recipes:

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  1. You should save me some of that ginger ale... and the pretzels... and the beer cheese while you're at it.


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