Snow Fever

January Favorites

I'm going to embrace today's freezing, snowy weather with this collection of wintry flickr favorites.

1. rainy day #6, 2. Skona Hem, 3. move along, 4. 16118, 5. i'm far away from everyone, 6. hands collection, 7. moose, 8. sweetest sleep, 9. NEEDLE FELTED ITALIAN GREYHOUND-by GOURMETFELTED-BETTINA

Although extreme weather conditions eventually wear on me, I love living in a temperate climate where I can experience all four seasons. And maybe I'm nuts, but I really like the buzz of excitement that accompanies an impending weather crisis. I want to be snowed in, I tell you!

I want to trudge to the bus stop with boots up to my knees. I want the dogs snuggled under the blankets with me while I watch movies all day long. I want to go sledding until my toes fall off, brittle and frozen! I want to drown in hot chocolate. Oh! This weather.

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  1. lovely, cool, warm and beautiful all at the same time!


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