Snow Day

Louisville was hit with an icy winter storm. It has been declared a state of emergency- over a million people are without power, and it may not be restored for a week at least! Thankfully, my little condo still has electricity. I have three warm bed heaters (one man, two dogs), groceries and movies. I am truly the luckiest.

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We woke up early and walked to the coffee shop. Mule dog came along and we played in the snow.

Railroad tracks along Frankfort Avenue.

Maybe I was a bit to enthusiastic about bundling up ... Here I'm wearing: thermal shirt, sweater, running tights, jeans, two pairs of wool socks, waterproof hiking boots, arm warmers, mittens, coat, scarf and hat. I was a soggy sweatball when we arrived at Heine Bros.

Findley and Frankfort crossing

Abominable <span class=
Abominable Muleman

Wrigley hates the snow.

Wrigley could not join us because he is a horrible priss when it comes to cold weather. He'll carefully choose his path, balancing on tiny patches of dirt and rock to avoid touching his paws to snow. If he actually does any bathroom business (a rare triumph, on my part), he'll run to the door and cower until I let him back inside.

three boys

Last night we shared our home with friends and family who had lost power. I made dumpling soup and turtle bars. Kurt wore his union suit the entire day.

There are friends in Russia, Canada and Alaska who are reading this right now, perhaps scoffing at our Extreme Snowpocolypse '09. My Canadian friend taunted me, "Oh No! Snow in Kentucky!? Somebody call FEMA!" So many jokes.


  1. Haha, no. It's warm here. When I was talking to my mom, she said it made it down to 0 and it was so cold, and I was like "oooh noo 0!! when it gets to 0 here, we are happy because that's the warm part of winter!!"

    And then she reminded me she was talking Fahrenheit, not Celsius. So you might want to remind those Canadians.

  2. I think the real reason Wrigley doesn't want to go out is he's embarrassed of his little outfit.

    I'm jealous of Kurt's union suit. Alls I gots is stupid old long johns. Not nearly as neat.

  3. Ha! His snow cloak is precious. What if I got him a union suit to match Kurt's? Would he be cool then?

  4. Get Wrigley dog booties!


  5. Oh hello there! :)
    Poor wrigley really needed some snow boots. next year we will be prepared. And look! They are on sale!

  6. Oh hello there! :)
    Poor wrigley really needed some snow boots. next year we will be prepared. And look! They are on sale!


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