New Spirit Animal

After seeing this amazing photograph, it is official: My spirit animal is no longer the pink fairy armadillo. It is the narwhal. No doubt about it.

Narwhals are as fantastical as unicorns, except they are real. They have a gigantic sword tooth protruding from a hole in their lip. They are carnivorous. After feasting on their neighbors, they have sword fights with each other. Also, they are quite handsome, for being whales.

Currently covetting:
Pod Shirt
Albino Narwhal Softie


  1. hi!

    i was led to your blog last night via your comment on my blog, and then was so obsessed with the idea of tortilla soup that i made your recipe last night! it was delicious, thank you!

    oh, and im writing a story about a snow storm, and your photos were right on the same page as my thoughts yesterday. lots of connections here...

    xo m

  2. narwhals are so obviously the cool animal. plus their horns washed up on beaches apparently inspired people to believe in unicorns. no joke!

    ps we went to depeche mode bar tonight, possibly for the last time. that place... what a sad tale. we will find some where new for you.

    which is to say, we really ENJOYED THE SILENCE, har har har.

    ps i figured it out... i had to select a profile.

  3. I am so glad you liked the soup! Thank you! And I will be watching for your snow story.

  4. Beth, I heard there were narwhals in Russia. Maybe you should look for one?

  5. Finally, I now know that my dream can become a reality...Fudgy The Whale with corkscrew horn...

  6. I don't really know how to respond to that so, look at this:



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