I want to be ... on Buger King's marketing team?

I never eat meat (let alone fast food!) so I never thought I'd be saying this ... But I think I want to work at Burger King.

In their marketing and advertising department, that is. Those Burger King people are having a swell time.

First, their marketing experiment/prank, "Whopper Freakout", tricked customers into thinking that their beloved Whopper was discontinued. People flipped out and got hostile or waxed poetic about the good ol' days of the Whopper. The commercial starring hilariously disgruntled customers became one of the top watched videos on You Tube and the keyword "Whopper Freakout" made the top five on Google.

Then, they introduced FLAME - "the body spray of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat." Uh, What? Gross? Funny?

Now their new viral marketing plan, "Whopper Sacrifice", is unleashing some sort of pseudo-terrorism on the nation's Facebooks. Burger King is offering you a free Whopper if you UN-FRIEND 10 people from your friend list. Would you un-friend me for a whopper?

Users of the social networking site who add the Whopper Sacrifice application to their profiles are rewarded with a coupon for the sandwich after deleting ten people from their friends list.

The rejected pals are then served with a notice that they've been burned in favor of a free burger.

So, reflecting on my own marketing career, currently full of Zzz's and Ho Hums, I've decided to aspire to Burger King greatness with every new ad campaign I design. Also, I've added Burger King to my list of dream employers (right under Google, duh).


  1. you forgot about "the king", too. super scary...wakes up in bed with you. haha.


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