Tiny Tuesday: RC Car vs. Lions


I can't decide which is entertaining, the lions behaving like curious kittens around the remote control car, or the photographer and his friends' excited reactions when they see the photos.


Tiny Tuesday - The Cute Show!


Do you watch Vice Magazine's "The Cute Show"? It is my favorite Internet thing. Here is the latest episode, but you can see them all here.


Just tricks.

#pumking #southerntierUntitledLittle ladies.Toffee lady apples. They're so tiny.

\\\  Photos from last week.  |||

Snack Exchange Aftermath

The Snack Exchange seems to have been a success! Below are a few snack pack pics of scattered origins. (From top left: Washington DC, Germany, Brooklyn, and Australia.) You can see more pictures on Instagram, just search for the hashtag #wbsnackexchange. Everyone's packages look so fun and thoughtful.

To those who participated, what did you think? What was your favorite snack? If you haven't gotten your snack exchange package yet, please let me know.

If you'd like to participate in the next snack exchange, send me an email and I will make sure you're on the list. After receiving so many inquiries, I'm thinking about hosting another exchange around the Holidays. I will keep you posted.

Yay! This was so much fun!